New Software Matching Platform For The Third Sector Needs Your Expert Input!

A unique software platform that matches charities with the right funding partners wants to hear from people involved with Third Sector organisations, or grants and funding organisations, to find out the best and worst aspects of getting the right financial support. has been working to develop its unique software that aims to simplify the often tortuous route for the social sector to gain the funds they need to complete their vital work.
“Since 2014 we have engaged in research with University Professors working in the social sector, as well as meeting with many charity sector experts across the UK, Ireland and the US,” said Thomas Conway, Chief Executive.
“From these consultations was born, a software platform that matches funders with organisations seeking financial support.
The more people we have giving us feedback the better – we’re hoping to hear from people who are employed by or volunteer with charities, non-profit organisations, Community Interest Companies and social enterprises, as well as those working for organisations who provide funding.
“In order to continue to tailor the platform to suit, we need to find out what more we can do to help make the funding process much easier.”
With the formal launch of set for late Autumn, contributing to this survey is an opportunity for those who will be most affected by it, to shape and contribute to an innovative piece of tech that will help good causes find vital funds.
Thomas explained: “As if finding funding isn’t hard enough – you then have to navigate the application process.
“At ValidAid we understand the difficulties of navigating the funding landscape. From sourcing and understanding what funders want through to applying and complying with their requirements.
“Our new platform will alleviate many of these challenges for not only organisations seeking funding, but also funders looking for projects that best suit their funding goals.
“Hearing from employees and volunteers both current and past of charities, community interest companies, social enterprises and other non-profit organisations such as community groups is absolutely vital in our development process. We want to ensure that the platform works for everyone and this is why we need to hear from people who either work in or have worked in the Third Sector.”
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