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Everything You Need to Know About The John Moores Foundation

The John Moores Foundation donates money to community organisations doing charitable work, with a focus on projects based in Merseyside and Northern Ireland.

Established in 1963, they aim to enable people facing barriers improve their social conditions and quality of life.

Where is the money from?

The charity is entirely funded by its investment portfolio, enabling it to achieve its objectives of supporting community groups carrying out charitable work.

What funds are available?

The foundation aims to maintain its annual grant giving of approximately £700,000.

Who qualifies for the funds?

You do not need to be a registered charity to apply for funding, however there are some organisations they don’t fund. A list of exclusions can be found on their website.

What types of projects work best?

The John Moores Foundation prioritise small, grass-roots and volunteer driven organisations who are delivering projects to people facing barriers as a result of social, educational, physical, economic, cultural, or geographical disadvantages.

How can I apply and when?

You can find details on how to apply by visiting their website. There are no deadlines for applications in Northern Ireland, and 6 deadlines per year in Merseyside, and it can take 3-6 months for a decision.

The foundation asks you to contact them by telephone or email to give an outline of your project before an application form is provided. You can contact the Merseyside office on 0151 707 6077, the Northern Ireland office on 028 2888 6161, or email

Thomas’ 3 Top Tips For Applying

The John Moores Foundation provides grants to smaller organisations which are improving the social conditions and quality of life for people at a grass-roots level.

To access funds you must be able to demonstrate that you have a solid idea, which you are capable of delivering, and that falls within their criteria.

  1. Check your eligibility

There are some organisations which the John Moores Foundation doesn’t support, so it is critical you check their guidance.

The foundation requests that you contact them outlining your proposal before applying, which they will review. If the project falls within the scope of activity they support, they will then issue an application pack.

  1. Have a clear proposal

The John Moores Foundation is driven by the need to make a difference to the social conditions and quality of life for those facing barriers, and your proposal must clearly show how your project will satisfy this aim.  

As with any successful application, you must clearly identify the following:

  • What is the problem/issue/situation, how you know it exists, and who is it affecting?
  • What is the aim of your project, how will you deliver it, how much will it cost, and what will a successful outcome look like?
  • How will you track the progress of the project and evaluate its success?

3. Check the details

Ensure you have supplied all the documentation required by the foundation, which is listed under point A6 of their FAQs.

  • Make sure your application is written clearly using simple language and free from error.
  • Ask someone else to review the proposal as your own mistakes are harder to spot, preferably someone who is unfamiliar with your organisation or project to make sure you’re getting the message across clearly.